Spirited Children

I knew when I had children they would have strong personalities. Little did I know they would challenge me every single day. Ethan and Emma are not only stubborn but they are at times over-bearing if not infuriating. There are times I feel like I am battling the Walking Dead. (Except there’s no Daryl. I feel like a Daryl would help.)

Ethan is still fighting sleep with a vengeance. I honestly don’t know how he can function with the few hours he does get. I’m getting to the point that I want to take every single thing out of his bedroom and leave him with just his toddler bed. Everything distracts him. Everything becomes a toy or some device to keep his mind occupied. Today for instance he decided that emptying out drawers in his changing table was a great way to not only make a mess worthy of awards but it got mommy to come up.

However, if I were to say tell him to sleep and close the door again. He would proceed to run full force into the door. The banging sound echoing throughout the whole top floor and wakes up his sister. (Oh yeah, that happened.)

Ethan dominates a situation in a way that a two year old boy can. I thought I had seen it all in daycare but apparently when my husband’s genes merged with mine it made a crazed version of X-men.

Emma on the other hand has the perfect pint-sized diva persona going on and is the best dramatic actress. She can fall to the floor immediately after being told no or give you the best death look. You actually feel the heat from the stare. She also likes to swat at you if something is taken from her. You know, plastic pieces of toys in the mouth or dried up peas off the floor. I mean truly they must have a flavor of fine wine if she’s fighting for them.

My favorite from Emma is her use of the word “share.” It’s a constant lesson that children need to learn as they grow. Emma uses it as the keyword to get whatever she wants. Ethan for instance could take her pink princess car. Immediately she will stomp over to him and say in his face, “SHARE.” That means Ethan must surrender the toy at that moment because the word “share has been spoken.”

The husband and I have explained many times that is not how sharing works but Emma continues to ignore us. Clearly we parent-folk know nothing of the toddler world.

Everyday I am amazed by how these two are developing but I also fear for my life. What is it going to be like as they get older? Am I armed with what I need to defeat the spirited children?


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