Beach Vacation

The family and I got back from our second ever beach vacation as a family of four. The first time we took the twins to the beach was when they were nine months. We went to the Outer Banks and let’s just say it wasn’t the best time ever.

Nine month olds at the beach may be fun for some. It wasn’t for the husband and I. We spent most of our time at the beach house praying the kids would take their two naps so that one of us could soak up some sun. Sadly, it didn’t work out the way that we wanted it to but that’s just how the parenting cookie crumbles.

This time my parents came with us to Bethany Beach, Delaware. I’d never been there before but had heard good things about it. Women in my book club raved that it is family friendly and perfect for a family with toddlers. Happily, it was fun with the kids. They enjoyed playing at the boardwalk and getting ice cream. They enjoyed playing in the sand on the beach.

The only things that were nightmares were going out to eat and sleeping.

Ethan and Emma were in one bedroom together. We put the mattresses on the floor so that the kids wouldn’t fall out of bed. Emma manages to fall off any bed with the greatest of ease. The girl is accident prone but more on that in a later entry.

Ethan and Emma refused to sleep more than a few hours at night. We would put them down at 8pm thinking that they would pass out from playing all day. However, they proceeded to run around and scream until 11pm. They then would fall asleep and wake up at 6am ready to start the day all over again.

Napping was a whole other thing that they simply skipped. And that’s where the issues began when it came to eating. They would be SO exhausted by the time we were getting ready to go out for dinner that they would pass out. It didn’t matter where they fell asleep but they would and there was no waking them up. We forced them to go out ONE night to a nice Italian place and hell broke loose. They screamed and yelled. They didn’t want to eat and it ended up with me in the car watching a movie with them.

Granted, the trip wasn’t all bad. There was a lot of nice times where husband and I could go out on our own while the grandparents snuggled the babies. I also loved collecting shells with my son and splashing in the water with my daughter. I’ve learned that no family vacation is going to be perfect but I sure hope it gets a little easier.


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