Screaming Aisle One

Yesterday I tried to tell my husband that taking the twins to the grocery store should be an olympic sport. They are perfect little angels for him when they go together. They hug each other, giggle, and point out things to daddy in their cute little voices. What mommy gets is hitting, fighting, biting, and screaming. Yes, lots and lots of screaming.

Emma was in a mood yesterday. Some would say that she woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I say that her halo fell crooked. Nothing made her smile. Ethan tried to give her toys and her cup. This usually would make her smile but instead she hit him and lunged at him zombie style to bite whatever body part was exposed. (Isn’t she such a lady?)

I mean I do understand the moodiness. I mean I’m that way when I have PMS. I lunge for a candy bar and chips just like that but it’s not how I act all the time.

Of course when the husband suggest I go to the grocery store to, “get them out of the house” I thought he was crazy. However, I wanted to pretend that there was some hope. I mean we all strive for the positivity, even when we are realists.

So off to Wegmen’s we went.

The nightmare began somewhere between the pharmacy and produce. Emma wanted to see a Mickey book and I told her no. She let out a high pitched banshee cry right there in the middle of the store. I proceeded to push the cart a little faster and put my head down. I thought maybe if I ignored her then it would get better.

It was a temporary fix.

Moments later, for no reason Ethan slaps Emma upside the head. She begins to wail and I hurried up and got the rest of the items I needed for dinner. Everyone was starting to look at me and I just gave them that awkward smile.

Once in the check-out line Emma was in full on tantrum mode. I gave in and shoved a Sophia the First juice in her hands. She got quiet then and only then. The damage however had been done at that point. I apologized for my child’s behavior to all those who had been within a hundred yards of my cart. I would have even apologized to the aliens in outer space if they had been picking up the staples for their long journey home.

So to those mommy-folk who have had a child freak out. I have now fully experienced it and truly understand. I am one of you.


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