Binky Wars Continue

This whole binky thing is harder than it looks. I have heard stories where magically the kids don’t care anymore that they don’t have binkies. I seriously wish that was the case with my kids.

Just today Ethan was playing in the little kitchen. I heard him grilling up whatever his little heart desired. I heard him mumbling to himself. I like to imagine he is creating his own special recipes. I mean there are so many ways to grill up plastic food. Anyway, a few minutes later he comes around the corner and Emma says, “Binky!” I turn to see Ethan with a binky in his mouth. He had been hoarding some in the play kitchen. The husband took it from him and the screams poured out of his mouth. I had to bribe him with Cookie Crisp cereal to calm him down.

The nights haven’t been so rough with Emma but Ethan has been struggling. Two transitions rather close to each other has been so easy with Ethan. He wants the comfort of his beloved binky to help him feel comfortable in his new bed. However, I think his teeth will thank me.

Do you have any stories about binkies? Did you have one?


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