War of the Binky: Day One

Ethan and Emma are going to be two in September. I can’t believe that they are really two. Where did the time go? I seriously do feel like I just brought them home from the hospital.

Now with turning two I know that there are certain things that need/could be achieved in this year. You know things like potty training and for our twins the disappearance of the beloved binky.

I won’t lie when I tell you I will miss giving my children one of the things that will calm them in a matter of a moment. Any tantrum or sleep probably could be cured with giving them one. We have had at least twenty of them at any given time because God forbid we lose one. All hell would break lose and I would want to run for the closet.

However, we decided that this was the week that we start them off cold turkey. No more binkies. I am terrified that nap time and bed time. There will be screaming and mommy and daddy won’t have ear plugs. Please give us strength.

The Binky Wars have begun.


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